UBICoin Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does UBICoin do anything with my bank account?
Answer: No, absolutely not. Banks use proprietary encryption mechanisms to communicate between your bank and your phone. In addition, they use personal digital keys, certificates, and (of course) your account credentials. UBICoin doesn't have access to any of that. UBICoin doesn't communicate with any other apps on your device. In fact, UBICoin doesn't even use an internet connection. UBICoin will never touch your bank account.

Question: Can't I just <insert double-spend hack here>?
Answer: I recommend that you transfer your UBICoin to a friend FIRST before making your attempt. Attempts to alter the UBICoin wallet will result in a RESET(your wallet balance will be set to zero). However, please also see the question below concerning the "Honest Mistake" badge.

Question: Where do the UBICoins come from?
Answer: The UBICoin tokens are generated in your UBICoin wallet, using time as a proof-of-stake. Effectively, they are generated out of thin air - just like when you take out a mortgage on a home loan. The money is generated by fiat. NerdWallet has an extremely succinct explanation.

Question: Is this like Bitcoin?
Answer: No, absolutely not.  Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and shared ledgers are incredible inventions. But, they come with some pretty hefty disadvantages: 

Question: When I am paying or making a payment with UBICoin, do the phones have to both be aligned the same way?

Answer:  No, they don't. QR Codes can be read without issue from any rotation, upside-down, sideways, it doesn't matter.

Question: Do you expect me to believe that you are doing all this work for free? You must be taking a percentage somewhere....?

Answer: I built UBICoin for free.  No, I don't "take a percentage" anywhere. You can download UBICoin for free, run it for free, make and collect payments, even use it in your own small business.  And it's all free. You can make a donation if you want to, but that's completely optional. It's like Humble Bundle - pay what you want, including nothing.

Question: Do I need to [sign-up, give you my CC info, provide my phone number, address...]?

Answer: No, nothing. UBICoin doesn't collect any personal information whatsoever - it doesn't even have a way to do so. It doesn't even use the internet.

Question: Won't just giving people currency for free create inflation?

Answer: It would if there were no "currency sinks." UBICoin, though, has a built-in "currency sink." A tiny percent of UBICoin is destroyed with every transaction. This is called the UBICoin "Burn Rate."  The Burn Rate removes UBICoin from the economy as it is used, preventing inflation.  This Burn Rate is calculated differently for every wallet based on the number of transactions a wallet makes, the size of the transactions, the inflow/outflow ratio, age of the wallet, and many other factors. All of these measurements are collected automatically.  Traditional currency sinks require exorbitant amounts of information from the individual, and then make guesses about income and expense patterns based on all of this information. UBICoin can see the transactions directly, so it does not need to collect any personal information or make any guesses. Everything is calculated automatically by the UBICoin wallet.  The goal of the UBICoin Burn Rate is to provide enough income for each wallet to pay for basic monthly expenses (like food, clothing, and shelter) while still allowing each person to save for milestone expenses like purchasing a car, paying for college, buying a home, and saving for retirement. Over the entire lifetime of an UBICoin wallet, the amount of UBICoin burned is always equal to the amount of UBICoin generated. However, because the Burn Rate operates on a bell-shaped curve over the span of a person's entire lifetime, this system of achieving eventual equilibrium is nascent and imperceivable. You'll probably never even notice it.

Question: Is the UBICoin Burn Rate like taxes?

Answer: No, taxes are a system by which the wealthy exploit the poor. A long time ago, taxes were used to improve society - pay for infrastructure, healthcare, education, and many other beneficial projects that (due to their sheer scope) could not be provided by the private sector. All of these programs either have already been privatized (healthcare, for example), or are in the process of being privatized (K-12 education, for example).  Privatization of these basic human needs has had disastrous results. We are experiencing a "Tragedy of the Commons" on a massive scale, with corporation playing the role of the greedy citizen. For example, in the United States, we now spend the most for healthcare and get the worst health outcomes. The majority of taxes collected in the United States pays for wars.  Because capitalism is reaching the end of how much it can exploit its own citizens, it has "gone international" and now seeks to subjugate and exploit other countries - and has been doing so successfully for the last 100 years. UBICoin only burns itself to prevent inflation - so it is not a tax.

Question:  I have heard about people getting the "Honest Mistake" badge. What does it look like and, if someone has it, should I accept an UBICoin payment from them?

Answer:  Here's what the "Honest Mistake" badge looks like:

If the UBICoin wallet detects any tampering whatsoever, then it will give you the "Honest Mistake" badge.  The UBICoin wallet is extremely sensitive to tampering. People who do not touch the UBICoin wallet files in any way will not receive this badge. People who use UBICoin normally will not receive this badge. You can only get this badge if tampering has been detected on your wallet, and your wallet was reset (the balance was set to zero).

If you are a small business owner accepting UBICoin, then you should NOT accept UBICoin payments from someone who has the "Honest Mistake" badge. This is your choice, of course, but I would not recommend it.

Question: How do I get rid of the "Honest Mistake" badge?

Answer: TBD